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The Denis O’Leary Medical Educator Award

Recognising the importance of patients and their community in medical education

This award was created in September 2019 in memory of the late Dr Denis O’Leary as a result of a generous donation from the O’Leary family

Dr Denis O'Leary 

Denis was a highly respected consultant psychiatrist, former head of Oxford school of psychiatry and a passionate medical educator – it was through his vision that Oxford Centre of Medical Education, Oxford University Medical Education Fellows (OUMEF), Developing Learning and Teaching  (DLT) course and many other educational initiatives were developed in Oxford. 


The Denis O’Leary Medical Educator Award is open to UK and international medical/clinical educators, including those completing postgraduate courses in medical/clinical education in recent years, who have developed innovative educational interventions in their local context.


The aim of the award is to recognise excellence in educational interventions which address specific clinical needs, draw on multi-professional teams and have an strong emphasis on patient-centeredness. It is one of the few, if not the only, award in medical education with an emphasis on hearing the patient’s voice as part of its selection criteria.


The award is to celebrate innovative educational interventions which address specific clinical needs, draw on multi-professional teams and ensure the patient voice is heard throughout the process.


The winner will receive a prize of £250, be invited to present their work at OxCME's annual educational online event, and will be supported in making an accelerated submission to the journal Medical Teacher. In addition, if appropriate, the winner will be invited to present their initiative at a subsequent Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) annual conference.

Meet the Winners

A panel of distinguished educationists from a range of reputable institutions will select the winner from a shortlist of five finalists. All the finalists will be invited to showcase their work on OxCME website. In addition, the finalists will be offered free/discounted registration at one of OxCME or AMSE international educational events/conferences.


Applications open on September first and the Award will be presented on 14th of April of each year, the anniversary of Dr O’Leary’s passing.

Selection criteria 


                  For clarity and consistency, all applications are reviewed using the following criteria 


                  Essential criteria 

                  The initiative will 

                            · be innovative i.e. have some unique features (10%)

                            - have a strong educational element linked to a clinical goal (15%) 

                            · be patient-centered, i.e recognise the patient's voice in the educational intervention (20%)

                            - lead to strengthened multi-professional collaboration (20%)


                Desirable criteria 

                The initiative will 

                           - be current (5%)

                           - demonstrate improvement in patient care as a result of the educational initiative (10%)

                           - have been evaluated or been peer reviewed (10%)

                           - demonstrate sustainable change (10%)

For more information about the application and selection process click here>

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Meet the Winners

These are our previous DoL Award winners and their worthy projects

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