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Organisational capacity building – curriculum development


The OxCME curriculum development team has over 20 years of experience of developing validated and non-validated, formal and informal educational initiatives for health care professionals.


For example   

  • single sessions on consultation skills, conflict management in health contexts and using case-based discussions (CBDs)

  • short courses on an introduction to learning and teaching, consultation skills, facilitation and group process, assessment and feedback, educational supervision  

  • validated postgraduate programmes including certificates/diplomas and masters in clinical education. 

  • regional, national and international conferences, seminars and events


The OxCME offers capacity building in curriculum development to support organisations who know what learning programmes/event they would like to offer and would like some expert support through the process of developing them.    


This service is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and ranges from a single session to review and enhance a programme to structured support over several months.


Target audience: 

Clinical educators, programme leads, faculty developers with responsibility for leading the development of new educational initiative who feel they would benefit from a supportive environment with an experienced curriculum developer and educator. 



The fee is £150 / hour with a minimum session length of 3 hours. 

Initial 3 hour session - £450.00

Subsequent sessions can be agreed according to the organisational needs.

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