PSTME (DLT Med Eds.) courses in Oxford

Foundation doctors attending the course on 19.03.2019 at John Radcliffe hospital:

"Tutor was v. Enthusiastic + kept me engaged all day"

"Great facilitator, really enjoyed the session!!"

Participants (different levels from foundation doctor to experienced consultants) from the course on 25.04.2019 at John Radcliffe Hospital:

" Varied and motivational"

"It was very informative, run efficiently, great tutor and made it simple enough for everyone to understand"

"Relevant and well presented, engaging tutor, interesting topic"

"Interactive, engaging tutor"

PGWME course on 21.08.2019 in Buckingham

‘Re-visiting parent-adult-child ego states and really thinking about how I react to students has given me plenty to think about.  I hadn’t appreciated before how much my reaction is part of the cycle of group behaviour.’ 

‘SET-GO has been an eyeopener.  I now have a way of having those difficult conversations with groups.  I’m going to try and turn the conversations around, away from what I want from them to what they want from each other.  I’m excited to see what happens this semester.’ 

‘Separating behaviour which is irritating to me as a tutor from behaviour which is disruptive to group learning taught me a lot about myself.  I’m going to focus more on encouraging group learning and less on my irritations.’ 

‘Even though I’ve been a tutor for many years, it was so useful today to have time to think about the challenges of groupwork ahead and to think about some new ways of managing them.’ 

‘The interactive style of this session has given me ideas to use with medical students, if I can get them interacting like we have today I’m sure they will get more out of my teaching.’   

Feedback course on 20.09.2019 in Northampton

“Speaker was knowledgeable. He engaged with the audiences and it was interactive. It was informative and research based”

“The way it is presented – Very interactive. Good to know different ways of giving feedback”

“Very knowledgeable of the subject, Delivered material in interactive and engaging way. I can transfer what I learnt from him into clinical practice”

“Very informative, thought provoking and well researched. It has helped me to reflect on situations when I have given feedback and helped me decide on future feedback

Feedback Masterclass on 27.09.2019 in Oxford

"I found it very informative and well planned. Very useful for new consultants"

" Very structured approach, comparing  different models and coming up with one tool that would  be extremely helpful in providing feedback. Practical feedback on scenarios was very good"

" I found the session helpful, clean, thoughtful and thought provoking"

Virtual Comms Skills on 11.09.2020 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this session, especially having it interspersed with useful videos. Thank you!"

" Going through the faults in a video was really useful. Perhaps watching a follow up video where good communication skills are used would be useful."

" Thank you very much - this session was very well targeted and delivered!"

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