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The Denis O’Leary Medical Educator Award


The Oxford Centre for Medical Education (OxCME) has created a new award for medical educators in memory of the late Dr Denis O’Leary following a generous donation from the O’Leary family. This award was presented for the first time in April 2020.


The aim of the award is to recognise excellence in medical/clinical education with an emphasis on patient-centeredness.  It is open to UK and international medical/clinical educators who have developed, implemented and evaluated innovative educational interventions in their local contexts.  The OxCME is looking for educational interventions which address a specific clinical need, draw on multi-professional teams and ensure the patient voice is heard throughout the initiative. 


The OxCME invites nominations for this award which will be presented once a year on the anniversary of Dr Denis O’Leary’s passing on 14th of April. 


The top five finalists will be recognised by free registration at one of the OxCME’s master classes and opportunities to showcase their work on the OxCME website. The winner will, in addition, receive a prize of £250 and will be invited to present their work at an OxCME study day. 


Application Process

Submissions should be sent to by March 1st each year and should include:

· a covering letter explaining how their initiative fulfils the award criteria and their vision

· a brief CV with a focus on their role as medical/clinical educator

· a report (750-1500 words) explaining the rationale for the initiative, how it was developed, implemented, the impact, how it has been evaluated and the lessons learned.  

N.B. Candidates may be nominated or they may choose to apply themselves

Selection Process

The selection will take place over two stages:

· All submissions will be reviewed by the OxCME education officer and a shortlist of up to five produced.

· The shortlist will then be reviewed by an independent panel which will consist of a number of experts in the field of medical education, in addition to an honorary member from the O’Leary family, who will rank the submissions and select the winner.

Essential criteria

The initiative will

· be innovative i.e. a new initiative

· have a strong educational element linked to a clinical goal

· demonstrate improvement in patient care as a result of the educational initiative.


Desirable criteria

The initiative will

· have taken place in the preceding year

· demonstrate sustainable change

· involve patients in the educational intervention 

· lead to strengthened multi-professional collaboration

· positive evaluation from stakeholders or been peer reviewed.

The breakdown of marking criteria is available here>


In the event of none of the submissions meeting all of the requirements, the cash prize will roll over cumulatively to the following years.  Please contact us with any queries.

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