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Medical Instruction Techniques

Both the Core Surgical (CST) and Core Medical (IMT) applicants will be using  an almost identical application scoring system. One of the domains is 'Teaching'. This section is split into two separate scoring areas, ‘Training in teaching’ and ‘Teaching experience’, which collectively add up to a maximum of 12 marks available.

The OxCME is pleased to support the applicants in collecting points in both areas:

Teaching experience

By joining the OxCME tutor development plan

Training in teaching

There are five options available through OxCME, with a maximum of 5 marks available.


This needs to be outside of the standard programmes offered by training bodies (foundation schools, HEE local office, deaneries, etc.) Formal training refers to experience of teaching training beyond this; a substantial course that would not have been provided to a trainee as a normal part of their training to date. 

Substantial  training in teaching methods

2 points

This means you have undergone formal training, lasting more than 2 days (whole time equivalent). Substantial training is defined here as more than the usual short (one or two day) course which is mandatory for most trainee doctors, and more than the usual online modules completed in a few hours. This does not necessarily need to be a single course but where multiple courses have been attended, these must be complementary and not covering similar topics.

You can achieve this points by obtaining certificate of completion (attending the teaching session and completing your assignment) of one of the OxCME courses or obtaining the certificate of participation in 2 or more OxCME full day courses such as PSTME, PLCME, PEME, PGWME or PRME.

It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended to do PSTME as your first course.

Brief training in teaching methods

1 point

This means you have undergone brief training on principles of medical teaching, lasting less than 2 days (whole time equivalent). You can achieve this by attending one of the OxCME courses or Master classes (Feedback or Simulation based teaching)

OxCME educational events (T&C apply)

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