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Why Join the OxCME?

Joining a community of like-minded educationalists can be a real boost for your professional development and career. You will

  • have access to a network of medical educators who are happy to provide professional and pastoral support at every level of your career progression

  • be invited to regular ‘tutors’ away days’, ceremonies and events where you can expand your professional network and exchange ideas with other medical educators

  • be able to develop and lead medical education courses suitable to your professional context in collaboration with other OxCME colleagues

  • have flexibility and freedom in choosing where and when to teach

  • be able to propose your innovative ideas/courses and be supported to see them through

  • have access to AMEE resources such as AMEE extensive webinar archive and attending AMEE international conferences at a reduced cost.

  • be able to showcase and promote your papers and publications on the OxCME website

Interested? please send us your details by filling in this form and we will get back to you

Thanks! Message sent.

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