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Providing contextually apt feedback in clinical education

— Shaddel F, Newell-Jones K, O'Leary D. Int J Med Educ. 2018; 9: 129–131

Policy-driven practice: Help or hindrance to medical training?

Farshad Shaddel, Subimal Banerjee, Denis o'Leary

How Psychotropic Drugs Are Used; an Explanatory Paradigm

Farshad Shaddel,Marjan Ghazirad, Denis o'Leary, Subimal Banerjee

Developing qualitative, theory-based indicators of training quality: A survey of core psychiatry training quality

- Farshad Shaddel, Marjan Ghazirad, Denis o'Leary

Medical Trainee Designation: Staff Confusion and Potential Impact on Patients & Training

- Farshad Shaddel, Marjan Ghazirad, Denis o'Leary

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