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Career support
We aim to raise the profile of medical education regionally, nationally and internationally. Therefore no matter what, as long as you are interested in learning more about medical education or pursuing a career in this field, the OxCME is here to support you. These are some (but not the only) of the services we offer at the OxCME:
I want to:
  • enhance my skills as a teacher/tutor/trainer: The OxCME offers support through our free mentoring scheme for OxCME tutors, directing you to suitable courses (internal or external)  and by joining our tutor peer support network.
  • pursue my career in medical education: The OxCME has its own faculty development programme where we identify and coach talented and committed medical trainers to become excellent tutors. In addition, we can support you by directing you to reputable and high quality qualifications and providing mentoring and support for talented and committed individuals.
  • develop a course or design a curriculum: The OxCME offers course and curriculum development support to both organisations and individuals who know what learning programmes they would like to offer and would like some expert support throughout the process of developing them.
  • evaluate a programme or course: The OxCME offers tailored advice on evaluation, ranging from undertaking external evaluation to support in developing a programme-specific evaluation strategy and tools   
  • undertake  research in medical education: The OxCME offers support in transforming your research ideas into feasible proposals and seeing them through. 
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